Carole is an experienced occupational therapist, manager and business owner working in the community social care and housing sector. Her clients mainly have complex needs and a wide range of disability issues. She advises on all aspects of adaptations, mobility and wheelchair use alongside new-build extensions, housing options and she has a great knowledge of equipment including complex seating.

Carole has worked for over thirty-five years as an occupational therapist specialising in the social care and housing sector, and for many of these years as an independent practitioner. Over the last five years she has worked as a community occupational therapist and care manager working with people experiencing complex issues. Carole has also managed housing occupational therapists as part of a home improvement team, working collaboratively with surveyors and technicians.

As an independent practitioner she’s covered a wide range of casework, and as a treating occupational therapist for a case management team she is used to using a solution-focused approach. Carole has designed and arranged installations of kitchens, bathrooms and access for full-time wheelchair users.

Via various other roles Carole has confidence in short, medium and long-term solutions. Whether this be for hospital discharge with provision of equipment and minor adaptations or recommending medium and long-term solutions to enable someone with a progressive disability to consider what type of full modifications would be suitable for their future. Carole is just as able to provide one-off assessments to provide recommendations regarding specific activities.