Following qualification in 2007 as an occupational therapist Alana work firstly in the community forming a grounding in assessing for minor equipment and major adaptations. Alana then completed a post graduate certificate in back care management which supports the reviewing of and assessing for, moving and handling techniques with patients and carers.

In the past 9 years Alana has worked in wheelchair services where she continues to develop expertise in posture and mobility. Understanding and assessing for manual, active manual and powered wheelchairs’ suitability to clients and safe driving ability.

Alana can also provide full postural assessments, identifying and locating pelvis position to assess for bespoke or cast seating, for example seating systems or moulding.  Alongside posture and mobility Alana has a depth of knowledge in pressure care and pressure cushion provision. She also has a sound understanding of personal wheelchair budgets and how these can be utilised.