Amy is a dedicated and highly skilled occupational therapist who has acquired 17 years of practice within the NHS. She has experience of working with adults who have a wide range of complex physical and cognitive disabilities and much of her knowledge and skills have been honed within an acute neurological and stroke rehabilitation service. During a community work role Amy gained specific expertise in the management of long-term complex degenerative conditions. She is skilled in completing holistic functional and environmental assessments and develops rehabilitation programmes focussing on promoting independent living and maximising quality of life. Amy’s extensive experience in an acute hospital system allows her to assess, identify and recommend a broad range of adaptive equipment to help promote this independence.

Amy has a particular interest in moving and handling and has a key trainer qualification. She is skilled in completing complex risk assessments, writing personalised handling management plans and delivering theoretical and practical training to teams of support staff.

Amy understands the value of professional development also having an interest in seating and postural management – she is presently developing further skills in this area.