Fiona is a highly specialised occupational therapist with 14 years’ experience working in a variety of clinical settings including adult rehabilitation, condition management and paediatrics.

Recently working in paediatrics with children and young adults who present with a wide variety of needs including those with chronic, complex, disabling and life-limiting conditions, Fiona also has experience working within the community setting providing therapy within homes and schools. She works closely with childrens’ family or care givers, allied health professionals, education staff and social care to ensure a holistic approach, regularly supporting with the transition between services.

Fiona specialises in providing comprehensive assessments, including specialist standardised assessments, treatments and therapeutic interventions and promotes dignity and independence with daily living activities by engaging in play and fulfilling meaningful roles.  She has comprehensive experience in prescribing standard and specialist adaptive equipment, postural management, manual handling and assessing for housing adaptations.  In addition, she is skilled in upper limb splinting and the use of orthosis to facilitate function.

Fiona is passionate about occupational therapy and how this can enhance independence.  She finds her job extremely rewarding and feels lucky to have the opportunity to work with such amazing children and adults in her role.