I am a highly qualified, experienced occupational therapist and coach, who has worked for over twenty years with individuals and teams. My varied and extensive background leads me to work powerfully with individuals who may have hidden challenges which are impacting on relationships and performance at work, including:

People with hidden problems e.g. neurodiversity, sensory integration issues and mental health challenges. Highly creative people who struggle to harness and integrate their strengths at work. Individuals in crisis who need to make a radical shift.

As a coach, I work with a variety of tools, developmental frameworks and theoretical models. I am a visiting lecturer at Worcester University and regularly teach coaching skills to various groups. I also work with teams and at an organisational level, especially where radical creativity and systemic change is required. I have a special interest in developing new ways of working and the use of social media to promote therapeutic businesses.

Jen Gash is a domestic goddess whose talents are thwarted by a dirty dog and an inability to work the dishwasher. She fancies herself as a comedian but unfortunately finds herself funnier than others seem to. She has skills in flea chasing, killing red mite and treating chickens who are depressed.

Jen is a member of the British Association of Occupational Therapists as well as being registered with the Health Care Professionals Council.