Karen has 11 years’ occupational therapy experience and is well-established specialising in equipment, housing, environmental adaptations, moving and handling, postural management and seating assessment with children and adults. She is a passionate and motivated occupational therapist who will complete a holistic assessment and report aiming to facilitate independent living, activity participation maximising clients’ potential.

Karen has worked with local authorities, prescribing appropriate equipment, completing risk assessments and advising on minor or major environmental adaptations. She has worked closely with architects to give a functional perspective on new-builds and garden designs.  She has a particular knowledge of telecare and memory equipment allowing clients to remain safe and comfortable in their own homes.

Karen has experience working alongside paediatrics and adults with significant and complex needs, she has worked in a school environment ensuring children can interact with their environment, often involving the provision of appropriate seating and/or assistive technology.  Karen has also completed mobility assessments for applicants applying for the blue badge.

Karen’s work for a re-ablement service involved setting goals with clients to support re-establishing meaningful activity following traumatic events.  Her client-base demanded a multi-disciplinary approach and often cases required best interest decisions.  Karen is confident in her ability to assist making these decisions, employing a positive risk-taking approach enabling clients with fluctuating capacity to return home with a good holistic strategy, including therapy, equipment and packages of care.

Karen’s over-arching philosophy is to empower people with disabilities so they can achieve their full potential and to enable families to care for their loved ones at home in a safe environment.