Lisa graduated from The London School of Occupational Therapy in 1993. To date her career path has allowed a wide variety of clinical experiences in both acute and non-acute settings. Her experience as an occupational therapist covers health, adult social care and housing.

Lisa’s areas of expertise include major adaptation work for adults and children with physical disabilities, assessment and recommendation for housing needs including housing needs reports, equipment provision to maximise independence in the home environment, experience in new build design for wheelchair housing and refurbishments. As an occupational therapist and building surveyor Lisa is hands on to advise regarding new builds, plans and general disability legislation within the building sector. Accessible Housing is her main interest and passion.

Lisa is experienced in assessing functional difficulties within the home environment and has good knowledge of equipment for adults and both minor and major adaptations for adults and children. Lisa can also provide advice on major adaptations and new build design to meet the needs of an individual. Lisa is an experienced manager with experience of training, providing clinical supervision to occupational therapy staff, appraisals and management of a team. She maintains her CPD and has been the vice-chair of the specialist housing group of RCOT, vice-chair of the English board and represented RCOT for NHS England on an integration of Health, Housing and Social wellbeing paper.