Mel is a highly experienced occupational therapist with a 23-year varied career. Vocational rehabilitation including career re-direction assessments, transferable skills analysis, graded returns to work, reasonable adjustment recommendations under the Equality Act, support for children/young people in schools/colleges have all been fundamental practices throughout Mel’s career with whichever client group she is working. This led to her study this to Masters level and become a voluntary work and well-being champion for the Royal College of Occupational Therapists to promote the benefits of work to nurse, medics, AHPs across all disciplines.

She specialised for 10 years with adults experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome/ME and children with fatigue symptoms associated with many conditions using a biopsychosocial-occupational approach. Through the therapeutic use of self, Mel easily develops strong therapeutic relationships with clients, advocating for their needs and ensuring a person-centred, goal-oriented treatment plan is developed collaboratively.

Mel has worked for several years at different times with people experiencing chronic mental health issues, working in community mental health teams and psychiatric liaison services addressing psychological symptoms experienced by those with long term conditions.

Mel enjoys motivating staff, talent spotting and mentoring them towards their professional goals, whilst supporting those content to maintain their status to reach their optimum within that role.