Ruth qualified as an occupational therapist in 1987 and has spent her career working as a community-based therapist, for 20 years firstly in local authority settings, progressing to senior management positions; followed by 12 years in the independent sector as a specialised housing occupational therapist and manager. Ruth is very experienced in undertaking holistic occupational therapy assessments of the needs of clients with a wide variety of conditions. These include neurological conditions, age related conditions, trauma injuries, and life-limiting diagnoses. She is skilled in making appropriate recommendations for the provision of specialist equipment, minor adaptations and major adaptations, to maximise functional ability and independence. Ruth works with a range of clients from children to adults, older adults and people with learning difficulties, those with sensory impairment as well as physical disabilities.

Ruth is highly specialised in major and minor adaptations including housing needs assessments for rehousing applicants, void property assessments, refurbishment and regeneration schemes and new-build schemes. She is skilled in working alongside surveyors in complex adaptations work and her recommendations often include detailed specifications for adaptations, architect plan reviews and providing drawings if required.

Maddie qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2009 and has experienced a huge scope of practice within the NHS, social care services and private sector. She is proficient in completing client-centred assessments, goal-setting and implementing therapeutic interventions for adults and children with physical, cognitive, emotional, sensory and behavioural difficulties.

Maddie’s has also worked in an older person’s mental health services supporting those experiencing mental health or cognitive difficulties (particularly memory issues), generally through a dementia or injury and often required contribution to best interest decisions. Maddie is passionate about positive risk-taking enabling individuals with fluctuating capacity to remain at home through a holistic treatment plan, including therapy, equipment and packages of care. She has extensive knowledge of memory techniques, ‘telecare’ and other equipment which enable individuals to remain safe and comfortable in their own homes. Maddie’s mental health expertise does not end there, in adult mental health services she has worked with acutely unwell patients in a hospital setting, supporting people to identify goals in areas of self-care, productivity and leisure. This also extended to assessments in outpatient settings and facilitating individual and group sessions of anxiety management, confidence building and managing emotions.

Maddie’s other areas of expertise include reablement, implementing therapy to re-establish meaningful activity following injury or a change in health needs. Her work in the community involved equipment provision, simple and complex moving and positioning risk assessments, postural management, seating assessments, rehousing assessments, minor and major environmental adaptations, she is able to work closely with architects to provide a functional perspective on housing and extension designs.

Maddie also has experience in paediatric services for children with significant needs as a result of congenital conditions, long-term conditions and injury. Her assessments and interventions involved equipment provision, charity funding, simple and complex manual handling risk assessments, rehousing assessments, safety within the home, minor and major environmental adaptations.

Liz specialises in the assessment and provision of equipment and adaptations to support and enable adults with conditions which affect their physical function. She has 28 years experience as an OT, 15 of those working within a social services setting, dealing with simple to complex equipment, minor and major adaptations and assessment for DFG.

Liz is one of our moving and handling experts, specialising in single-handed care, she possesses a comprehensive knowledge of moving handling equipment and techniques to ensure safe, risk-assessed care for clients in their own home and aside from her work with The OT Service Liz also works for one of the UK’s leading moving and handling training companies.

After qualifying in 2007 Lisa has developed various clinical skills in several areas of occupational therapy, predominantly physical health (neurological conditions; falls; palliative care and neuro-rehabilitation), and has have a wealth of experience with mental health, dementia and other cognitive impairments. Lisa prides herself in developing healthy and therapeutic relationships with individuals enabling full engagement within the therapeutic process.

Lisa is highly skilled in providing individualised assessments for both short-term needs and planning long-term rehabilitation programmes. Lisa’s passion for both moving & handling and rehabilitation has led her to the private sector to pursue the development of clinical skills. Alongside her work with The OT Service Lisa has a role with one of the UK’s leading moving and handling training companies.

Lisa graduated from The London School of Occupational Therapy in 1993. To date her career path has allowed a wide variety of clinical experiences in both acute and non-acute settings. Her experience as an occupational therapist covers health, adult social care and housing.

Lisa’s areas of expertise include major adaptation work for adults and children with physical disabilities, assessment and recommendation for housing needs including housing needs reports, equipment provision to maximise independence in the home environment, experience in new build design for wheelchair housing and refurbishments. As an occupational therapist and building surveyor Lisa is hands on to advise regarding new builds, plans and general disability legislation within the building sector. Accessible Housing is her main interest and passion.

Lisa is experienced in assessing functional difficulties within the home environment and has good knowledge of equipment for adults and both minor and major adaptations for adults and children. Lisa can also provide advice on major adaptations and new build design to meet the needs of an individual. Lisa is an experienced manager with experience of training, providing clinical supervision to occupational therapy staff, appraisals and management of a team. She maintains her CPD and has been the vice-chair of the specialist housing group of RCOT, vice-chair of the English board and represented RCOT for NHS England on an integration of Health, Housing and Social wellbeing paper.

Kayla obtained her MA degree in occupational science and occupational therapy from the University of Southern California. She then practiced in New York within private clinics, public schools, private schools, skilled nursing facilities, homes and via tele-therapy. She is now based in central London and treats children as young as 2 years-old to adults. Her specialty areas include autism spectrum disorder; attention deficit disorder; developmental delay; developmental coordination disorder and learning disabilities. Kayla is well-versed in treating the associated issues such as processing differences; executive functioning difficulties; emotional processing difficulties; self-regulation difficulties and social skill deficits.

Kayla is also trained in Sensory Integration, DIR, reflex integration practices, Brain Gym behavioural management and Yoga for the Special Child. Her practice style is child-led and play-based to keep individuals engaged and intrinsically motivated to reach their highest potential. In her free time, Kayla enjoys traveling and learning.

Gemma graduated from the University of Teesside and has 20 years of clinical experience starting in the NHS, where she has since developed her clinical and managerial skills. Gemma has also practised independently within the private sector for the past five years.

Gemma is a highly skilled therapist, specialising in neuro-rehabilitation, working with clients experiencing acquired brain injuries, strokes, and other neurological problems including cerebral palsy. Gemma has also worked with clients who have experienced complex medical diagnoses including polytrauma and psychological problems resulting from road traffic or industrial accidents for example. Gemma also has experience of delivering assessments for clients with hand injuries and providing bespoke treatment programmes. Work-site, vocational assessments and functional rehabilitation are also areas of expertise.

Gemma has experience of working with all ages within a variety of settings including the hospital environment, rehabilitation units, clinics, schools, and the community. During her time working with paediatric clients she acquired skills in postural care management both at home and in the school environment, bathing and showering equipment, hoisting and slings including bespoke designs, and specialist seating.

Gemma is also trained in the fields of fatigue management, neurological hand therapy and splinting, postural management for people with complex disabilities, motivational interviewing, vestibular rehabilitation, and vocational rehabilitation. She is passionate about developing her own learning for the benefit of her clinical practise and being able to offer her clients a well-rounded skill set.

Since qualifying as an occupational therapist in 2011, Faye has worked in acute and community settings across NHS and local authority, gaining extensive experience in rehabilitation services and social care. Faye’s main area of expertise is housing adaptations and equipment, moving & handling assessments and specialist seating.

Faye takes a holistic approach to assessments, developing therapeutic relationships and implementing person-centred interventions to promote a person’s occupational performance. She possesses excellent analytical skills and uses robust clinical reasoning to support decision-making and recommendations. Having spent over 5 years as a team leader in a large local authority, Faye has developed leadership and mentorship skills through managing a team of OT’s and assistants. she has been instrumental in driving service improvement and development, and leading on new innovative projects.

Faye is a member of the RCOT specialist sections – Independent Practice and Housing, The National Back Exchange and keenly maintains her CPD, regularly attending training courses, webinars, and conferences to ensure she is up to date.

Anna Maria qualified as an occupational therapist in 1988. She is a dedicated and highly skilled occupational therapist who has worked in the NHS in a variety of roles since qualifying from Salford University. Anna Maria has developed enhanced skills in the assessment of occupational performance through clinical work in the acute hospital sector, community sector and as a specialist in complex cancer and palliative care within both in-patient and community settings. She also has experience in the private sector and in local authority work.

Anna Maria is extremely well-versed in moving and handling, particularly where pain is involved and for end-of-life patients and their carers. She specialises in functional assessment and utilises a solution-focused approach to problem solving. She has developed extensive knowledge of specialist equipment and minor adaptations through this work. Anna Maria has also acquired skills in assessing for wheelchairs, having worked in several wheelchair-services, she also has experience working with people with prosthetics.

Anna Maria is passionate about improving the quality of life for people with life-limiting conditions ensuring that environment is not a barrier. Anna Maria is also a registered lymphoedema practitioner and specialises in enabling people to manage their long-term condition, supporting with lifestyle change management that maybe required for this.

Anna Maria actively develops and maintains her clinical skills through regular post-graduate training and is a member of the RCOT Major Conditions specialist section.

Anna is a Senior Occupational Therapist with 23 years clinical experience in the industry, she has worked in local authority, NHS and third sector organisations with the majority of her experience being in social care roles. Her main expertise is working with children, young people and adults whose health or disability impacts on their ability to participate in meaningful day to day activities. She enjoys working with individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds

Anna is well-skilled in assessing and collaborating with the individual, as well as their wider support network to create and deliver person-centred interventions in-line with our values. In addition to her work with The OT Service she currently works in the community with individuals with conditions including but not limited to Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Traumatic Brain Injury, Global Developmental Delay, Profound and Multiple Learning Disability, Down’s Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Condition, amputees, and Neuromuscular Conditions.

Anna’s areas of expertise include minor and major housing adaptations to facilitate, assistive technology and specialist equipment provision for all activities of daily living. She is well-known in her profession for her open communication, ability to put people at ease and to think outside the box to support individuals to attain the goals that are important to them.

Anna is registered with The Royal College of Occupational Therapists, and the Specialist section – People with Learning Disabilities.

Aimee qualified as an occupational therapist in 2009 and has since specialised in the field of adult physical disability. Her clinical experience includes dementia, chronic respiratory conditions, chronic cardiac conditions, rheumatology, trauma and orthopaedics, cancer, diabetes and various neurological conditions. In 2016, Aimee begun working as an independent occupational therapist. Her independent practice has given her the opportunity to support clients following traumatic injuries including orthopaedic injuries and traumatic brain injuries. She uses goal setting to enable clients to be as independent as possible and works closely with clients, carers and family members to offer her expertise and deliver the best possible outcomes.

Following thorough assessment, Aimee makes recommendations to reduce physical barriers and maximise her client’s independence and safety. Within her clinical practice, Aimee has gained significant experience in social care assessment, advising various local authorities on the implementation of care packages for clients living in the community, including direct payments, home care packages, day care, sitting services and long-term care including residential or nursing home placements. She has extensive experience in housing, equipment and adaptations, and has worked for two large housing associations to ensure best use of housing stock. Aimee has gained skills in delivering specific programmes including fatigue management, vocational rehabilitation, pain management and bespoke specialist rehabilitation.

Aimee qualified from The University of Liverpool in 2007 and has experience across health and social care including working within a charitable organisation. She is a member of BAOT and the housing specialist section, acting as northwest regional representative for the section from 2013 – 2017.

Aimee’s main areas of expertise are in major and minor adaptations and moving and handling. Alongside her independent work with The OT Service Aimee currently works as an occupational therapy team lead within a local authority providing supervision and leadership for a team of occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants. Aimee has experience in design and consultation around accessible housing, rehousing support and complex housing dynamics, working with clients to ensure homes that facilitate occupational performance and personal growth.

Aimee is passionate about training and development and devised and implemented manual handling and trusted assessor training for the provision of equipment and adaptations. She is also enthusiastic about design and creative thinking to continually develop her skills working collaboratively with clients.